Manufacture and design of custom parts, special purpose machines

"The key to development is to be able to think creatively and freely!"

We undertake the design and construction of small and medium-sized individual parts, complete target machines and prototypes.

History of our company

Resinemat Ltd. was founded in 1997 as a family micro-enterprise.

We are proud that the company has maintained its family environment for the past 25 years, while serving the unique needs of its current and future customers with serious expertise and engineering precision.

Initially, our main profile was sheet metal bending, which was used in electronic applications. We were among the first in the county to start cutting, making it one of the most experienced micro-companies in the field of machining.

Our Goal from the beginning, a to meet the special machining needs of the area that require creativity.
In today's modern world, we believe that mechatronic solutions are future.
With this in mind, design equipment that meets your unique needs. and we undertake its construction, where it is important that the given equipment is suitable for solving more complex tasks through the integration of sub-areas.

Our partners include many multinational companies that have an impact on the region's economy, as well as several smaller but more important local businesses. Thanks to our foreign customers, we have successfully exported the parts and equipment we manufacture to Austria, Romania, Italy and China.

We undertake the design and construction of small and medium-sized, individual parts as well as complete special purpose machines.


Rabbi Endre, Executive

Our activities

CNC machining

CNC machining

We have 25 years of experience in the field of machining.
With our traditional and CNC machine tools, we manufacture the parts designed by our customers in small and medium serial numbers.
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Engineering design

Engineering design

We offer individual solutions for individual needs. Whether it is just a unit with a special function or a machine that performs the entire process, it may be necessary to use individual solutions in each case.
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Prototype development

Prototype development

In our free time, we also like to deal with new solutions that would make our daily lives easier. We are happy to support companies and individuals who have an innovative idea.
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Electrical design

Electrical design

Individual target machines always require some kind of control unit that performs the desired operation. Our company undertakes the design, installation and programming of electrical controls for individual machines and equipment. Contact us with confidence!
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The course of cooperation

Step 1

Request a quote, contact us

During the request for quotation and contact, we will request the documentation and discuss with the prospective business partner, as well as clarify the tasks.

Step 1

Step 2

Making an offer

After the request for quotation, we will define the exact goal, then we will prepare our offer based on these, which will be sent to you and we will discuss the details together.

Step 2

Step 3

Production, execution

When ordering, we design and manufacture the desired part.

Step 3

Step 4

Keeping in touch

During the joint work, we keep in touch with the Business Partner and hold consultations with him.

Step 4

Step 5

Handing over the finished work

The process ends with the delivery of the finished documentation and the delivery and possible installation of the finished products.

Step 5

Why Resinemat?

Why choose us?

The numbers speak for themselves

years of professional experience
satisfied partner company
custom part

Our team

Rabi Endre

I have been working in the production of parts for 46 years, 31 years of which as a sole proprietor, and then 25 years ago I started my own business, Resinemat Kft.

Szatmári Zsófia

Administration, contact
My job is to handle matters related to the company and to keep in touch with our customers. I am involved with my Grandfather in design and implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tasks can I contact you with?

Our company designs and manufactures custom machines and their parts. We undertake both mechanical and electrical design and production.

What surfaces are they available on?

By phone at +36 70 930 4910, by email at and on the community interface (Facebook).

What is the deadline for taking a job?

In each case, we accept individual deadlines. We have to take into account the production technology, the receipt of the raw materials, the complexity of the workpiece and the load on our machines. Depending on the demand, we can also accept extremely short deadlines.

How does the manufacturing process work?

- In case of an existing (planned) product, we prepare our price offer based on the documentation. (These should be sent when requesting a quote.) In the event of an order, we will manufacture the desired part, in the meantime, contacting our customers. The joint work ends with the delivery and possible installation of the finished workpiece or machine.
- In case you are contacted about the design of a product, we will define the exact goal and then make our offer based on it. When ordering, we are in close contact with our customers during design and production. In this case, the process ends with the delivery of the finished documentation and the delivery and possible installation of the finished products.


If you have any unanswered questions, please contact us!

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