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Frequently asked questions

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Our company designs and manufactures custom machines and their parts. We undertake both mechanical and electrical design and production.

By phone at +36 70 930 4910, by email at and on the community interface (Facebook).

In each case, we accept individual deadlines. We have to take into account the production technology, the receipt of the raw materials, the complexity of the workpiece and the load on our machines. Depending on the demand, we can also accept extremely short deadlines.

  • In the case of an existing (planned) product, we prepare our price offer based on the documentation. (These should be sent when requesting a quote.) In the event of an order, we will manufacture the desired part, in the meantime, contacting our customers. The joint work ends with the delivery and possible installation of the finished workpiece or machine.
  • In the event that you are contacted about the design of a product, we will specify the exact goal and then make our offer based on it. When ordering, we are in close contact with our customers during design and production. In this case, the process ends with the delivery of the finished documentation and the delivery and possible installation of the finished products.
  • More information about the workflow!

Our site is located in Komárom-Esztergom county, including Tatabánya, next to the industrial park.

Primarily to Hungary, but also to Europe if required.

Our tools are suitable for machining aluminum, yellow and copper, plastic (POM, PVC and danamite) as well as tool structural steels. In addition, we are able to manufacture 3D printed parts from a variety of materials (typically industrial plastics).

Yes. In addition to individual parts, we also undertake small and medium serial production.

Yes of course. In case of an existing idea, we help to implement it, to produce the prototype.

Yes, of course! We also welcome inquiries from individuals, entrepreneurs and companies.


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